STANDARD 15: A supplier must accept returns of substandard (less than full quality for the particular item) or unsuitable items (inappropriate for the beneficiary at the time it was fitted and rented or sold) from beneficiaries.


RATIONALE: To provide equipment that meets patients’ needs.


Purchased equipment that does not meet the needs of the patient may be returned to the company within three (3) days from start of service with theapproval of the President of the company or his/her designee provided the equipment:

  • Has not been damaged due to neglect
  • Has not been modified or repaired by someone other than an authorized representative.
  • Replacement equipment will be provided when necessary/requested.
  • Equipment will not be accepted that has been used or to which unauthorized modifications or repairs have been made.

Purchased Equipment:

  • The purchase price of the equipment that has been purchased privately shall be refunded to the payer less a percentage based on the length of time the equipment has been in service.
  • Third party payers shall be refunded payment according to their policies and procedures and applicable regulations.


  • The President or his/her designee is notified in within 24 hours of the request being received.

Information to be provided to the President includes:

  • Patient name, address and telephone number.
  • Name and telephone number of physician.
  • Description of equipment and serial number, if appropriate.
  • Reason the equipment was ordered.
  • Reason for the request to return the equipment.
  • Name of the person receiving the request, and the date and time received.
  • The CEO or his/her designee contacts the physician if the item was ordered by the physician to notify him/her of the request by the patient/caregiver or significant other.

Returned equipment shall be:

  • Returned to the manufacturer
  • Repaired and/or replaced if necessary.