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LiteRider Envy LT Power Wheelchair

LiteRider Envy LT Power Wheelchair

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The all-new LiteRider Envy LT Power Wheelchair is both stylish and durable with a tubular design that is unique to the Golden LiteRider family!

The Envy LT features a compact PG Drives Technology nVR2 controller and well-styled joystick designed to make everyday tasks easier such as driving up to a table or maneuvering through a doorway.

The Envy LT has an impressive 28.5” turning radius, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and offers and operating range of up to 7.25 miles on two 12V 18AH batteries. It also offers convenient offboard charging and easy disassembly for transport.

250 lb. Weight Capacity

  • PG Drives nVR2 Joystick with 40A Controller

  • Adjustable Footplate

  • Silver Powder Coated Frame

  • Offboard Charging Capability

  • Quick & Easy Disassembly

Weight of Unit:

Front Half: 37 lbs.

Rear Half: 36 lbs.

Base: 65 lbs.

Seat With Arms: 23 lbs.

Battery Weight: 25 lbs/pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Donna Adams

Very dependable! Thanks.

Mark Green
Mark Green

This chair has made a significant difference in my life. I manage to perform all my tasks on my own! Highly recommend this Mobility chair from HealthMed.

Sandra Scott

Supportive, adjustable, very happy!

Andrea K.
Thomas Wright

Supportive, adjustable, very happy!

Hannah Wong
Laura King

Lightweight, perfect for daily use.